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Hendrick Hendricks Obee and Aeltjie Claes

An Armchair History of Hendrick Hendricks Obee and his wife Aeltjie Claes.
4th great-grandparents of Keziah Keturah Van Benthuysen as shown by the following list.

Keziah Keturah Van Benthuysen, born 15 May 1796, Albany, N.Y.
daughter of:
Mary Simonds, born about 1773,
and Jacobus (James) Van Benthuysen, baptised 26 June 1771, Albany, N.Y.
son of:
Keziah Van Hoesen, born 10 Aug 1746, Albany, N.Y.,
and Johannes Van Benthuysen, baptised 4 Aug. 1745, Albany N.Y.,
son of:
Maria Van Wagenen, baptised 3 Sept. 1704, Kingston, N.Y.
and Johannes Baltuse Van Benthuysen, baptised 19 Sept. 1708, Albany, N.Y.
son of
Baltus Pontense Van Benthuysen, born 6 Feb. 1704,
and Lydia Dally, b. 8 Mar. 1683, New York, daughter of
John [Jan] Dally
and Elizabeth Obee, born 26 July 1652, New York,
Daughter of
Henrick Hendricks Obee and Altjie Claes

Mark Twain once said that felt sorry for anyone who could spell a word in only one way. He would not have felt sorry about the way the Dutch spelled the names of people in their records in the 1600's and 1700's. In the following account of the Obee family we have used the spelling found in the records. The Dutch naming system was Patronymic, suplemented with some surnames, some occuption names, and some places where the person had lived previously; these were used to distinguish between persons with the same name and patronymic. There seems to have been, at times, three different men named Hendrick Hendricks living in New Amsterdam.

Hendrick Henricks Obee and Aeltje Claes are very interesting people. They lived in New Amsterdam and appear in various records from the 1650's the 1670's. I do not know when or where Henrick Obee was born nor do I know when he came to the New Netherlands. I have not found a record of their marriage. It is known that he obtained a house and lot in New Amsterdam in in July of 1653; and sold a house in New Amsterdam in 1654, at which time he was referred to by occupation as "drummer in New Amsterdam" . We know that he could write because he signed his name before the secretary of the court on 15th of May 1656.

Hendrick Obee and Aeltje Claes appear in the "Book of members of the Reformed Dutch Church" if New Amsterdam. They are listed among the "Oude Ledematen" or "Old Members". He is listed with his title "Tamboer" which I think is Dutch for "drummer" [for the dutch militia]. At some later date a notation was made in the margin indicating that they had moved.

Obee, Hendrick Hendrickszen, was on lists of catechumens of Brooklyn Church in 1662.
In a 1686 listing of New York church records, they were living on the East side of Broadway street, just a block or two North of Fort on lowere Manhattan.

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It seems that Aeltje Claes came to the Colony before her husband did. We think that she was the daughter of

He married second, 26 Dec. 1691, Marretje Jans, widow of Willem Janszen. The entry recorded on p. 125 of vol 22 of the New York Genealogical and Biograhpical Recored July 1879, reads: “Hedrick Obee, widower of Keltie [Aeltie] Claes, en Marritje Jans, Widow of Willem Janszen, beyde wondende alhier..
In 1664 he took the oath of allegiance in N.Y. to the English.
The baptisms of a number of their children were recorded in the “Doop Book” (Baptism Book) of New Amsterdam. “The Dutch Church in New Amsterdam is known to have been organized as early as 1626. The Baptismal and other Records commence in 1639, from which period to the present time they are in perfect preservation. ...” (Record, 1874, vol 15, page 26) The records were translated and published in the NYG&B RECORD. These records were also published in book form as part of the Collections of the NYG&B Society, as Vol 2 BAPTISMS FROM 1639 to 1730 in the Reformed Dutch Church, New York. In the records listed below, the book page number is given.
The following baptisms were found for the children of Hendrick Hendrickz.
page; date; OUDERS, [parents] ; KINDERS, [child]; GETUYGEN [sponsors or witnesses];

p 26- 20 May 1651; Hendrick Hendricksz, [parent]; Catharina, [child]; Catherina Grevenraets. [sponsor]

p 32- 28 July 1652; Hendrick Hendrickzen, [parent]; Lysbeth, [child]; Kempen Barentszen,
Aeltie Schryvers; [sponsors]

p 36- 7 Jan. 1654; Hendrick Hendrickszen; Hendrick [child]; Mr William Vestius, & Aeltje Schryvers;

p 45- 15 Apr. 1657; Hendrick Tamboer, Aeltje Claes [parents]; Claes [child]; Pieter Couwenhoven, & Hester Simons [sponsors]

The following baptisms were found for the children of Hendrick Hendrickz Obee and Aeltje Claes

p 49- 5 June 1658; Hendrick Obee, Aeltje Claes; Lydia; Cornelis Vanlangvelt, Susanna Lees.

p 53- 17 Aug. 1659; Hendr. Hendrickzen Obee, Aeltje Claes; Grietie; Laurens Corneliszen, &
Susanna Bording.

p 60- 1 May 1661; Hendrick Hendrickszen, Aeltie Hendricks, Claes,[child]; Anthony de Mill, &
Hester Couwenhoven

Children of Hendrick Hendrickz Obe and Aeltje Claes
Catharina Hendrikse Obee, bap. 20 April 1651
Lysbeth (Elizabeth) Hendrikse Obee, bap. 28 July 1652, married John (Jan, Dan) Dally
Hendrick Hendrikse Obee, bap. 7 Jan 1654,
Claes Hendrikse Obee, bap. 15 April 1657,
Lydia Hendrikse Obee, bap. 5 June 1658
Grietie Hendrikse Obee, bap. 17 August 1659
Claes Hendrikse Obee, baptised 1 May 1661

When a child died, the dutch custom was to give the next child of that gender, the name of the deceased child; this would indicate that the child, Claes born in 1657, died as an infant.
Marriage Records
Ingeschreven. [banns registered] 17 June 1677, Nathaniel Beely, j.m. N. Castel, en Margariet Obee, j.d. Van N. Yorke. Getrouwt; [married] 1 August 1677; [Grietie, is the Dutch diminutive of Margaret]

The following may pertain to the Ancestry of Aeltje Claes. [if Marritje Pieters is the mother of Aeltje Claes]
(NYNM:D; Vol. 2, Register of the Provincial Secretary, 1642-1647, pages144-147). On the 3d of July 1643.
Marriage contract of Brent Peelen and Marritje Pieters, Widow of Claes Pietersen [Sybbrantsen]
[64] [In the year after the] birth of our Lord and Savior [Jesus] Christ, one thousand six hundred and forty-[three], before me, Cornelis Van Tienhoven, secretary in New Netherland appointed by the General Chartered West India Company, personally came and Appeared Brant Peelen of Nykerck, widower of the late Lubbertje Wouters, and Marritjen Pieters, widow of the late Claes Sybrantsen, with Jan Schepmoes, her chosen guardian herein, who declared that they intend to enter together into the holy state of matrimony, for which reason and purpose he Brant Pelen, the present bridegroom, from his first available goods, means and effects, promises to pay in advance to his three children by his first wife the sum of three thousand Carolus guilders, to wit: To his daughter Lysbet Brants one thousand guilders; to Geert Brants one thousand guilders; and to Gerritjen Brants a like one thousand guilders. She Marritjen Pieters, present bride, promises to pay and turn over to each of her two children, named Sybrant Claesen and Aeltjen Claes, as the paternal inheritance and estate, the sum of two hundred guilders, once, which aforesaid four hundred guilders he, Brant Pelen, shall be at liberty to use for four consecutive years without interest, and if he, Brant Pelen, use the aforesaid money any longer, he shall annually pay as interest of the hundred guilders five per cent, but with the express condition and stipulation that they, the bridegroom and bride , remain bound to bring up the youngest child, Aeltjen Claes, without touching her property, to clothe her, to send her to school and to let her learn reading, writing and a good handicraft, in such a manner as honest parents ought and should do and they are bound to do before God and men.
In this their marriage contract it is with the will and consent of the said bridegroom and bride also expressly agreed and stipulated, that, having considered that nothing is certain but death and nothing more uncertain than the hour thereof, and therefore wishing to provide against all such uncertainty of death by this their joint will, they, the bridegroom and bride, both declare that whenever it shall please Almighty God, the creator of heaven and earth (whom they pay that it may be His divine will to bless them in this their marriage in such a way as may be necessary for them here temporarily and hereafter eternally, Amen), to call either of them first out of this world, the survivor shall remain in full control and possession of all the temporal estate which God has granted, or shall grant, in this world jointly to the said bridegroom and bride, it being well understood that there shall be no difference in regard to the property, the property of each, being held by them both in common,being put down as of equal value, as no inventory is made on either side and the property on both sides is accepted as of the same value. All of which is thus concluded and contracted by both of them after mature deliberation, it being their wish and request that this shall take effect after the death of either of them.
It is further covenanted that whenever either of them dies, a proper inventory shall them be made of all the property which they possess at the time, in order that the rightful heirs may obtain their share, and whenever the survivor shall have departed out of this sorrowful world, the lawful heirs on both sides shall then equally divide and each side receive a like portion of the estate; likewise , that the survivor shall be bound the capital as profitably as possible, expecting God’s blessing, but shall not needlessly or improperly squander the same. If this occur, those interested therein shall be at liberty to interfere, and that with cause and good reason
Wherewith he, Bran Pelen, bridegroom, and she, Marritje Pieters, present bride, conclude their marriage contract and request that this may have effect and be valid before all lords, courts, judges and justices, to this end waiving all exceptions, none excepted, which may in any wise contravene these presents, binding themselves likewise according to law for the payment of the sums of money promised to their children on either side. In witness whereof this is signed by them respectively, together with Everardus Bogarus and Kendric Kip, as witnesses hereto invited, the 3d of July Anno 1643, in Fort Amsterdam, New Netherland.
Brant Peelen
This is the X mark of Marritje Pieters
Ian Iansen Schepmoes [Jan Jansen]
Everhaardus Boghardus
Hendrick Hendricksen Kijp Witnesses
Acknowledged before me, Cornelis van Tienhoven, Secretary

[Marritje Pieters is the sister of Sarah Pieters the wife of Jan Jansen Schepmoes, the daughter Aeltje Claes is believed to be the same Aeltje Claes that married Hendrick Hendricks Obee, ancestors of Keziah Keturah Van Benthuysen, Their daughter, Elizabeth Obee, married Jon Dalley; then their daughter, Lydia Dally married Baltus Pontense Van Benthuysen.]
[Brant Pelen was engaged in January 1630 by Killiaen van Rensselaer as a farmer in Rensselaerswyck for the term of four years. He died before May 1, 1644. His daughters Lysbet and Gerritje Brants came over in 1642 in the ship Waterhoudt. See Van Rensselaer Bowier Mss., pp. 806, 822.]
[Brant Pelen, From Nykerck, [province of Gelderland]; was engaged as farmer in Jan. 1630, for the term of four years, at wages of fl.110 a year, and in 1632 was appointed schepen [in Rensselaerswyck]. He was married twice, first to Lubbertje Wouters, by whom he had three children, Lysbeth Brants, Geert Brants and Gerritje Brants and secondly, at New Amsterdam, July 3, 1643, to Marritje Pieters, widow of Claes Sybrantsz, who had two children, Sybrant Claesz and Aeltje Claes. Lysbeth and Gerritje Brants came to the Colony by Den Waterhondt in 1640. One of them married Claes Jansz Calff. Brant Peelen died before May 1, 1644, when Cornelis Segersz Van Voorhout succeeded him on his farm, Called Welys Burg, on Castle Island. [by Albany]

(NYHM:D, Vol. 3, Council Minutes, 1638-1649, page 202)
[175] On the 8th of September [1643]
Jan Schepmoes, guardian of the surviving child of Marritjen Pieters, plaintiff, vs. Claes Calff, defendant. The defendant requests time to confer with the co-heirs of Brant Pelen. The case adjourned until the defendant shall have visited the colony of Van Rensselaer and consulted the co-heirs and he is granted time until the arrival of the first sloop.

(218) [188]On the 17th of May 1644
Jan Schepmoes, plaintiff, vs. Claes Calf, defendant, as husband of Brant Pelen's daughter, defendant. Plaintiff demands in writing that Aeltje Claes, daughter of Marritjen Pieters, be allowed her maintenance out of the estate of Brant Pelen, according to the marriage articles. As the defendant denies jurisdiction of the court and appeals to his competent judges of the colony of Mr. Rensselaer, the case is referred to the court there and if no decision Is rendered within two months in the aforesaid colony the case shall be argued here.

[Aeltje Claes married Hendrick Hendricks Obee, Their daughter Elizabeth Married John Dally son of John Dally, Lydia Dally, (daughter of John Dally and Elizabeth Obee married Baltus Pontense Van Benthuysen and thus is an ancestor of Keziah Keturah Van Benthuysen. There is a close family tie between the Schepmoes and Obees as follows. Elizabeth Obee and Baltus Pontense Van Benthuysen had a son Johannes. Johannes Van Benthuysen married Maria Van Wagenen the daughter of Barent Van Wagenen and Lea Schepmoes. Lea Shepmoes was the daughter of Dirck Schepmoes who was the son of Jan Janz Schepmoes and Sara Pieters]

(233) [199] August 8, 1644
Jan Jansen Schepmoes, guardian of the minor surviving children of the late Marritjen Pieters, plaintiff, vs. the heirs of the late Brant Pelen, defendants.Plaintiff says that some time ago he caused the defendants to be summoned here before the supreme court of New Netherland in order to claim all such Inheritance as the surviving children of Marritjen Pieters, espoused wife (ondertrouwde vrouw) of the late Brant Pelen, are entitled to according to the marriage contract entered into between the above named persons; and whereas he, the plaintiff, on the court's refusal to hear the case, was heretofore referred to the competent judges of said heirs In Rensselaerswyck, the said action, for failure of the court there to render a decision within two months, should now be tried here.
Defendant says that he caused the plaintiff's attorney to be summoned four times, although he himself should have been summoned, but that said attorney never filed a complaint; that It did not suit his convenience to wait any longer and that he can not stay here any longer either, as the ship is ready to sail.
Parties being heard and It being found that the case is so difficult that It can not be disposed of in so short a time with­out great detriment to the parties, and that the property is in Holland whither defendant is going, therefore, parties are referred to the honorable schepens at Amsterdam, on condition that the money claimed as due to the heirs shall remain attached In the hands of the heirs of Mr. Rensselaer, deceased, until the case shall be finally decided.

From the Records of New Amsterdam, vol 1, Minutes of the Court of Burgomasters and Schepens, 1653–1655; page 317. In May of 1655, Jan Schepmoes, Hendricksen, the Drummer, and others presented a petition to the court relative to the “wicked, enormous beastly, dreadful and immoral lives of a man and his wife who had recently arrived from their homeland.
On page 328 of the above record under the date of 5 July 1655; it tells of a suit against Evert Pels, [another ancestor of Keziah van Benthuysen]. On page 329, still 5 July 1655 is recorded: “Hendrick Hendricks, Soldier, pltf. v/a Jan Jansen Van Ham, deft. Pltf reques payment of a months work from deft. Deft. says, he hire pltf. for a quarter and is not bound to pay until he shall have completed his time. Requests that he be condemned thereto. Pltf. acknowledges that he hired for 1/4 year, but that he should be paid every 14 days. Deft. offers to pay him on condition of retaining each time eight days wages in order to oblige him to put in his time according to agreement. The Court having heard parties, condemn the pltf. Hendrick Hendricks to complete his time of service according to his aforesaid proposal. Deft. promises to pay pltf., what he claims for disbursed provisions immediately on settling his account. At the bottom of the page is another suit involving Evert Pels in which he was acquited.
On page 400, in Nov or Dec of 1655, the following is recorded:
Luycas Dircksen, pltf. v/s Hendrick Hendrix, Drummer, deft. Pltf. demands payment of 16 beavers for Jan Sybrantsen according to handwriting and assignment. Deft. acknowledges to owe Jan Sybrantsen 16 beavers according to handwriting, and that what plft. exhibits is his obligation and signature. But as Jan Sybrantsen is in Virginia and he has further agreed with him, requests time until his return. Parties being heard, the Court condemns deft. Hendrick Hendricx, Drummer, to pay pltf. the said 16 beavers according to hand writing within one month from date, provided that Luycas Dircksen shall be held to give bail to deft. for all further prosecutions, which may arise on the subject of said handwriting. Two lines further down the page a reference is made to Dirck Bensigh [Benson] who is another Ancestor or Keziah Van Benthuysen.]

From the Court Minutes of New Amsterdam. Vol. 4 1662 Page 107 Tuesday 8th August 1662, in the city hall, Hendrick Hendrickzen Obee, Pltf. v/s Jeems Mils, deft. Pltf. Demands from deft. According to obligation dated 1st May 1661 four hundred guilders in tobacco besides costs, for which he requests preference, as it occurred with knowledge of the creditors. Deft acknowledges the debt. Thw W: Court condemn the deft. to pay pltf. The four hundred guilders according to obligation; also the costs fairly coming to him.

From the Court Minutes of New Amsterdam. Vol. 3, wednesdy 28th January 1660 Page 119
Burgomasters and Schepens of the City of Amsterdam in N: Netherland having read, and re-read the vouchers, documents and papers used on both sides in the suit between Hendrick Hendricksen Obe, pltf., against Pieter van Cowenhoven and Nicolaas Boot, in quality as curators of the insolvent estate of Jeems Butt, defts., wheeing pltf. Concludes, that the defts. Shall give his due transport of the bark belonging to Jeems Butt, sold by them at open auction and bought by him; against which defts. Conclude inasmuch as the pltf. Remains in default of bringing up the purchase money at the fixed time, but brought it in consignment long after the rating of the zeawant, that the pltf. Shall be condemned to give and pay the difference of the reduction of the seawant: All having been examined and weighed by Burgomasters and Schepens, they find inasmuch as the pltf. Always evinced a willingness to bring up the money at time fixed by the conditions on condition, that they previously should give due and formal transport of the bark and release him from all consequences, which has not be been done, Burgon masters and Schepens decide and adjudge, that the pltf. Can therefore satisfy and pay with the deposited
monies in the quantity and Quality, that the deposited the same. They order the defts. To convey to the pltf. The bark in due form, and parties on each side are condemned each to his own costs. Thus etc. Martin Krygier.

From the Court Minutes of New Amsterdam. Vol. 3 1663 Page 184
Schepen Isaack Greveraat and Henrick Hendricksen Obe, pltfs. vs. Willem Doeckles deft. Pltf. Henrick Hendricksen Obe in quality of curator and guardian with Schepen Isaacq Greveraat, of the minor son of Jan Jans Hagenaair, named Adriaan Jensen, requests that the aforesaid little boy, whom the deft. agreed to take into his employ, may be discharged from the service, as he, the deft. has not provided him, according to contract, with board, lodging etc. Deft says, that the boy is not attentive and when he gives him orders, he is unwilling to do so and has not refused him any food. Adriaan jansen appearing is asked, why he does not remain with his master? Answer, because he gives him nothing to eat, and finds him seldom at home and whenever he earns a stiver by making any trifles, he must buy food with it. The W. Court orders the pltf. To prove, that the youth is not properly treated according to the con tract.

From the Court Minutes of New Amsterdam. Vol. 3 1663 Page 192
Schepen Isaack Greveraet and Hendrick Hendricksen Obe, pltfs v/s Willem Doeckles, deft. Pursuant to the order of the last court day, the pltfs. In quality as guardians and tutors of the minor son of Jan Jansen Hagenaar, produce the declaration, that the deft. Has not treated the aforesaid youth properly according to contract agreed on, but has broken it on his side— they conclude therefore, that the above named Willem Doeckles shall be condemned to pay the aforesaid youth the years salary and to be further released from him with costs. Deft appearing and the declaration being read to him he answers both verbally and in writing, that the boy evinced unwillingness on several occasions and ran away from work, as once to Abel Hardenbroeck and twice to Isaack de Foreest, old Schepen of this City, and took away his tools with him, doing his own work with them. Pltfs say, that is not true. The W: Court having heard parties on both sides decree, that the boy shall be released from defts. Service, and condemn deft. to pay to the boy for the past time served by him according to contract, with costs.

From the Court Minutes of New Amsterdam. Vol. 3 1661 Page 344
Tuesday, 19th July 1661. In City Hall. Present the Heeren Pieter Tonneman, Paulus Leenderzen van der Grift, Allard Anthony, Timmotheus Gabry, Pieter W. Couwenhoven, Jan Vigne, Jeronimus Ebbinck.
Hendrick Hendrickzen Obe, plt. vs. willem Pieterzen de Groot, deft. Whereas the deft. Remains in default of proving the justice of his a/c. Conformably to the order of the W: court, dated 132 July last, the pltf. Concludes to be absolved from the suit entered against him dated 28 June, and sues for condemnation in the costs of this process, according to taxation and estimate of the W: Court. Deft. Requests by petition an end of the case and that the pltf. Shall declare on oath, that he was not in his (345) service, nor to owe any money for rent, nor promised to pay, also that he signed Antony Rigges’ monthly wages in his book, or that he knows nothing about it. Henrick Hendricksen was asked, if the does not know that Anthony Rigge served on the bark? Answer, No; but knows well, that an order was given by the Heer Couwenhoven, that he should go aboard the bark. Willem Pietersen undertakes to prove the same. Burgomasters and Schepens order Willem Pietersen de Groot to prove so.

From the Court Minutes of New Amsterdam. Vol. 3 1661 Page 329
Tuesday, 28th June 1661. In the City Hall. Present the Heeren Pieter Tonneman, Paulis L van der Grift, Allard Anthony, Timmotheus Gabry, Pieter W. Couwenhoven, Jan Vigne, Jeronimus Ebbinck.
Willem Pietersen de Groot, Pltf. V/s Hendrick Hendricksen Obe, deft. Pltf. Demands from deft. By virtue of a procuration from Antony Rigge, the sum of fl. 75. for wages earned on the bark Jan and Mary. Deft. Says, he is not bound to pay the same, as he did not set him to work, but that the Schepen Couwenhoven did so. The Heer Couwenhoven says, in the first instance before the sale of the bark he had had care of her, after that date, not, as the deft. had taken possession of the bark. Deft. produces the judgment, dated 28th January last, also some papers, wishing to state, that he case is disposed of thereby; therefore has nothing more to do with it. The W: Court persist in the Judgment, dated 10th September 1657.

From the Court Minutes of New Amsterdam. Vol. 4 1663 Page 270
William Tatel, pltf. vs Jan Janzen van St. Obin, deft, Pltf. says, he left some goods in deft’s yacht to be delivered to Hendrick Obee and enquiring about them, he could not receive them. Jacob Kip arising and qualifying himself as attorney of the deft. says, that the goods were shipped not to be delivered, but to be traded for him and requests that the matter be finally arranged by arbitrators in presence of one of the bench. The matter was so referred to reconcile the parties if possible. This case is included as it seems to infer that Hendric Obee was also involved in trade.

From the Court Minutes of New Amsterdam. Vol. 6 1666 Page 24
This day the 27th of June 1666 ...
By the right honorable Governor’s order, is on this day by the Mayors Court chosen and elected Hendrick Hendrix Obee, to be Collector of the Grand & small excys [excise] of this place; & Tho. Carvet to Controller thereof; for which they shall Receive for Salary, six of the hundred, to wit, four parts per hundred for the Collection and Two parts per hundred for the Controller, date as above.

From the Court Minutes of New Amsterdam. Vol. 6 1667 Page 101
Hendrick Obe, Collector of the Excise, entering and delivering in a list of debtors to the said excise also complaining, that he cannot get any money from them; the said debtors, name Mettie Wessels, Fredrick Gysbersen, Patrick Hayes, Egbert Mnydersen, Onfrie Cley and Evert Pels, were ordered and commanded by the W. Court to settle with, satisfy and pay the aforesaid Collector within the time of 14 days, on pain of immediate execution.

In the afternoon the following persons were sent for to Court and asked why they had not paid their quota to the Ministers’ salaries. They answer as follows: Timoth Gabrie promises to satisfy the Preachers. Tomas Laurensen promised to pay. Hendrick Willemsen, baker, idem. Jan Vrees: If he be forced, he must pay, otherwise cannot. Fredrick Arensen; will not pay more than one year. Lammert Mol, says he cannot pay any more.

November 19th 1667. Att a Mayor Court held at New Yorck.
Hanna Ackleton & Elisabeth Juwel beinge summoned in Court to give reason Whey they without Licence of the Govenor & this Court, Contrary to the Lawes of the this Government Are come to dwele within this Towne. Hannah Ackleton Replyed that she uppon hur first comming, hath obtained Licencefrom the Honn.ble Mr De Laval; but hath nothing to showe for the same. Elisabeth Juwele Replyed that she did not know of any such order. The honnorable Court did order that the said persons should depart out of this place in 8 days time uppon penalty of 5 lbs sterling & Corporal punishment.

In May of 1668 Hendrick Henrickz Obe appeared in court as an Attorney.
From the Court Minutes of New Amsterdam. Vol. 6 1668 Page 126
May the 19th 1668. At a Mayors Court held at New Yorck. ...
Richard Morris Plt: v/s Pieter Wolfersen, Deft; the Plt: declared that this deft: is indebted to this Plt: the summe of eight Bevers, for which the said plt: desire Judgemnt of the Court against the deft: With cost of court. The Defts. Atorrny Hendrick Obe, confessed the debt and Pleeyes that he in the behalfe of the Deft: made proffer of payment to the plt: but wa not accepted of by the plt: prays therefore that the Charges of court to be paid by the Plt. This worshippful Court haveing heard the debatts of both Parties did Decree and order that this Deft: should pay the debt with Cost of Suite.

From the Court Minutes of New Amsterdam. Vol. 6 1668 Page 144
August the 17th Anno 1668. At a Mayora Court held at New York.
This Worshipful Court did on this day Order that Henrick Obe, farmer of the Burger Excys shoud give in security to the said Excys, accordin g to the Tennr of the conditions, uppon which the Exys was Let out unto him.

From the Court Minutes of New Amsterdam. Vol. 6 1668 page 152, date ?
Thomas Tiddeman, pltf. vs. Hendrick Obe Senior, Hendrick Obe Junior, defts. The pltf declares that he covenanted and Contracted with the deft. that his Sonn should serve him the space of five yeares uppon Several conditions, and declares that the detf. is now run away out of his service to his father’s howse, who give him entertaynment Contrary to Lawe and therefore desires that the Boy may returne in his service and Likewise allow his good dammages with Cost. The deft. denyeth any contrac ever was made between him a& the pltf. Requries proofe thereof. The Jury brought in theri Verdict and found for the pltf. if the defendts Confession to mr. Rider, that he had put out his Son for five Yeares be Sufficient; otherwise for the Deft. the Plt. to pay Cost of Suit. The Court thought fit to suspend their Judgement until the following Court day. [It seems that a Jury was called and the following testimony was given}
Silvester Salisbury being sworn in Court declareth that he heard Hendrick Obe Senior say in other Discourse, that he thought he had done now verry wel ofr his Sonne, by Puttinge him to Mr. Tiddeman where he should gaine a good Art. Peter Smith being Sworne in Court, deposed taht some time since, hea heard of Hendrick Obe senior that he had put his sonne to the said Mr. Tiddeman, and the said Tiddeman said that the Boy Would do betterr by him in Case his fathers howse Was not soo nye to his. Whereuppon the said Obe Replyed that he would give his Boy not entertainment, but Would Beat him out of doores, in Case he came ther, except uppon some necessary occasion. John Rider uppon his oath . . . Need next page

From the Court Minutes of New Amsterdam. Vol. 6 1673 Page 402
This date Hendrick obe [August 21, 1673] is accepted as City-drummer for fl. 400 zewant, for which he shall serve three Burgher Companies according to his ability.

Among the New York Historical Manuscripts: English; series is one entitled Books of General Entries of the Colony of New York, 1664–1673; which contains Orders, Warrants, Letters, Commissions, Passes, and Licenses Issued by Governors Richard Nicolls and Francis Lovelace. On page 160, is recorded a marriage license for John Dally and Elizabeth Ober [Obee]; Aug. 11, 1668. On page 315 of this book is a reference to a “Letter of Denization to Hendrick Obee]

note: There is much yet to do on this history. The Marriages and families of the children are yet to be found. There are quite a few more court records to be looked at. Since Henrick Hendircks Obee was an officer of the court, his name appears a lot of times in the court records. I have not yet found the end of his career nor his death date. TED

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